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DIY Tinted Lip Balm without beeswax

Ingredients:2tbs coconut oil 1/2tbs Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) A container (You might need more depending on how much you make.) 1 lipstick Put the coconut oil, Vaseline and lipstick…

Red brick road

Follow the red brick road!


A close up of a rose in my garden. 🌹

Tiny boat

We found this tiny, old shipwrecked boat in a small puddle in Norfolk.

Boat in Norfolk

Here’s a picture of a boat in Norfolk. It’s quite big!

Baloo on our walk

This is a picture of Baloo on our walk this morning.😀

Beach in Wales

Here’s a picture of a gorgeous beach in Little Haven in Wales. We played for ages!!!!!!!!!😀

Lotus flower

I took this picture of a lotus(on water) at Stoner Park.😀

Baloo on a log

My dog Baloo on a very mossy log. 😀

Sunset through a signpost.